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The Road Not Taken

What would have become of the Joads if they didn’t flee the dust bowl and travel West to California? What if Jay and Daisy weren’t driving back to West Egg on that fateful night? And how else would pseudo literary high school boys impress alternative girls if Sal and Dean hadn’t been so debauched and [...]

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Inevitably there are days when an American Living Outside the Continental US (ALOCUS) feels too foreign, too exhausted and frustrated and longs for the familiar flora, fauna and fragrances of home. There are many scenarios, both real and imagined that in my reverie I embellish and elaborate upon. I am particularly susceptible today to a [...]

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Did you know?

That the word Paramus comes from a Native American word meaning “land of the wild turkey” or “place of fertile soil”? Of course you didn’t dum-dumb. I also now know that Paramus saw some action during the Revolutionary War, it once boasted the world’s largest and brightest drive-in movie screen and that fair city is [...]

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…On a Noontime Plane to Portland

Depart Merida: 12:05 Depart Mexico City: 4: 30 Depart Houston: 9:20 Arrive Portland: 11:59 I hope I’m not misinformed about the time.

26Mar2008 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Drop-Ed Weekend: A Capitol Idea

Seems it’s going to be a nasty reversion to winter weekend up North and stormy here as well. If you live in or around Connecticut and have never been to the Wadsworth Atheneum this is your chance. The old Atheneum doesn’t boast a hundred granite steps or a cool glass and metal pyramid structure but [...]

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Drop-Ed: Maybe Marty Does the Astro

Step right up, ladies and germs, children of all ages hold onto your hats. How do you celebrate the earliest ending of winter? Do you fast, dye eggs, clean out the closets, take a bike ride in a nylon jacket? It’s too soon for The Gowanus Yacht Club, Catskills roadtrips, and concerts in Prospect Park [...]

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