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Mexico is Baffling

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Good Times

Like I told you, I didn’t experience the layered love embrace of Mother Mexico upon arrival in this country, or really ever. So be it. Some people discover a love of this place that burns like a thousand suns. For others it just burns. I know that sometimes my tart reactions are triggered by the […]

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When Mexico is adorable it is wonderfully so. Children chasing chickens in the yard, festivals of colors and lights and saints, spontaneous parades, palm trees, colonial architecture and cheap delicious street food are all undeniably very good things. But when Mexico is awful*, it is terribly so. We’ve discussed how there is not really anything […]

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Things to do in Yucatan Before I Leave aka My Yucket List

Dance all night at The Mambo Cafe We had our wedding reception at this live music venue/dance club at the Plaza Las Americas mall and it was amazing, shiny, loud, and vibrating. But I was a little distracted/overwhelmed/intoxicated and would love to go back to shake my money maker without worrying about our forty friends […]

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Waiting For My Man

We’ve had one norte after the next blowing through our port, the skies are opaque gray and all the Yucatecans and casi Yucatecans are bundled up and battened down. We drove into Progreso to run errands while the help leveled rubble and planted and washed our pots and pans. I picked up our laundry and […]

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Mexico Micro and Macro

I would say we keep our distance. I prefer that my hands are clean. I want to want to look more closely at life, to face certain facts about the world, but when I do it’s with shock and sad horror. Perhaps I’m too empathetic. Or is it selfish? Or just squeamish. Maybe I would […]

16Feb2010 | | 5 comments | Continued
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Only in Mexico: Electrified Flyswatter

In Mexico, there is a general assumption that you, as a member of the public, are going to try not to do anything stupid. In particular, you are going to take basic steps to avoid hurting yourself. Our favorite working example of this attitude, and one you are probably tired of hearing us repeat, is […]

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America loves a monolithic enemy. What united a disparate and fledgling colony better than big bad daddy Britain? When were we more American than when we were facing off against Russia? Since the Cold War ended (it’s been sooo boring, right?) the focus on The Middle East and Islam has been a fairly successful stand-in. […]

16Mar2009 | | 5 comments | Continued
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Now We’re Cooking Without Gas

Gas on demand is a luxury of the first world. Here in Chelem when the cylinder is empty we employ our wicked expat ingenuity. It’s rough out here, people; we live by our wits. Forced to subsist on brie, bread and chili since Sunday, I am taking back lunch. Today I blend vegetables and recover […]

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Call Off “The Hounds of Zaroff” We Just Want To Play!

The blogosphere is abuzz with voices across Mexico defending their adopted country. I couldn’t agree more with the chorus of sanity. Don’t let the fear mongers get you down. And though I don’t know what will happen tomorrow I can say for today that the United States of Mexico has not failed, narco-banditos are not […]

4Mar2009 | | 4 comments | Continued
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Should Jillian be the world’s policeman? In a word, Yes.

This house maintains that America should be the world’s policeman. This was the motion that we argued when the British came to debate. Funny what happens to the youth of a once-mighty empire. They become effete, ineffectual, intellectual and smug. I adored them! They won the debate, but then, I went to college with 90% […]

4Feb2009 | | 7 comments | Continued
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It’s Not All Margaritas and Monkeyshines

Just as trying to explain to some of our loved ones that we are down here building new lives, not giving up on our old ones, it can sometimes be difficult to explain that life down here isn’t just one, big, slow sip from a margarita. Here’s a rundown of our morning. 8:00AM: I wake […]

28Jan2009 | | 13 comments | Continued
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Bad Expat: Be Here Now, You Unappreciative Jerkoff

There is an unspoken maxim in the world of expatriates that if you don’t feel Mexico in your bones, blood, mind, spirit, fingernails and toes every single precious second you are some kind of a xenophobic asshole. I will confess that sometimes this place leaves me cold. Oh well. I’ll wear my scarlet X. So […]

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