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Renovating Our Beach House, Volume 7

If you have been following along, you know it has been a long road to take our squat, one-level “beach box,” a structure whose only intended purpose was to have a shady place for a wealthy Meridano to hang a hammock and drink a Sol in the summer, and turn it into a modern, year-round [...]

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Renovating Our Beach House, Volume 6

As we may have mentioned in prior volumes, our house was built by the previous owners one room at a time, as money allowed, with no (as far as we can tell) over-arching plan driving the whole thing. Because of this, the bedroom was tacked on to the house with a separate entrance, which meant [...]

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Loading Up the New Living Room

In this post, which I estimate will interest approximately four of our regular readers, one of whom will be my mom, I wanted to take a moment to show off how the living room is shaping up, now that we are loading it up with furniture. The fact is, shopping for furniture here is TOUGH. [...]

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Renovating Our Beach House, Volume 5

Our never-ending quest for a life more awesome recently completed its most important chapter: the renovation of the living room. This was an important step, for one reason only: We will finally be DRY. Look, when you are still in the States, the idea of a beach house sounds like total paradise. And most of [...]

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Renovating Our Beach House, Volume 4

Like many beach properties in Chelem and Chuburna, our house was pretty basic when we bought it. The “Beach Box” style of construction was, for a time, very popular in this area, and houses were purely functional. Wealthy Meridanos would use their beach homes for only a month or two per year, and houses were [...]

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Remodeling the Guest House: Take 1

As of today construction is underway to redistribute space more gracefully and renovate the shudderific bathroom of what has been, up until now, our bodega, storage shed and my dance studio. Our fabulous architect drew up some very clever plans and in about four weeks we will have a two bedroom, two.5 bath house. It’s [...]

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Renovating Our Beach House, Volume 3

You may remember when we teased you a few weeks ago with the unofficial “Volume 2.1” in the never-ending, 3,000 volume “Renovating Our Beach House” series. When last we spoke, all that had really happened was that all of our bedroom walls had been sledgehammered to the ground, which, though it made for some impressive [...]

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Renovating Our Beach House: Volume 2.1

Though we are still mid-project on our bedroom renovation, I felt it was necessary to show you the current photos in order to inspire in you, the reader, the same sense of shock and awe that we are feeling right now. I’ll say one thing: the bedroom has a lot better airflow than it used [...]

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Baryshnikov’s Sister

When you were a kid there were probably many occasions when you were tasked to draw your dream house. I distinctly remember being in a sunny CCD classroom overlooking the lawn with the St Mary statue and sketching an ideal dwelling of grand proportion. I still don’t understand the relationship between Jesus and having a [...]

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Progreso’s Facelift Nears Completion

In the beginning of December, the town of Progreso took the very unexpected move of suddenly ripping up nearly all of the city streets, without any advance notice or warnings to local area small businesses. At the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, and for small stores and shops without the highest profit margins in [...]

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Renovating Our Beach House, Volume 2

In volume two of what is sure to be a 4,000 volume set, we thought we should mention that another step in making our beach house more livable has been completed. You may remember way back in May, when we started by adding on to the kitchen and bashing giant holes into the living room. [...]

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Getting Closer Still

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