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Mexico Wildlife

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The News Not The Weather

I remember a tempestuous August storm. It was nothing more than a strong summer rain. But sheets of water were falling from the sky and collecting in quick inches on our street and I was scared. My parents flung open the doors and stood outside to marvel at the intensity and I thought, not for [...]

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Part-Time Paradise is a Full-Time Hell

Believe me I flagellate every time I even think about complaining, so don’t get upset and decide that I’m awful. But every holiday must end and even the beach gets boring, especially in a town such as this. Chelem, like the mysterious city Brigadoon, is not meant to exist all the time. It only comes [...]

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Life in a Small Fishing Village

It’s not that pictureque, actually. Oh, but it can be. I was naive to think it would look like a painting, with colorful masts studding the ocean’s swells, happy moppet children playing with their untoys, and beautific faces in church on every Sunday. Those idyllic images do occur. There have been afternoons when fishermens’ families [...]

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Wednesday at the Mercado with Chickens

caption this if you can.

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Bad Expat: Changing My Marketing Strategy

I knew there was a mercado in Chelem but I never went inside until today. Waiting for the combi in the heat of early afternoon in centro you can smell sun-drenched entrails, past-peak produce and the overwhelming scent of ripening flowers. I would watch repelled, the lazy dogs that lay in wait for discarded scraps [...]

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Sunday at the Marina with Malcolms

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Playa in Pictures

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Pets Peeves

If you are: an ambulatory sweets vendor with a tinkling bell carrying kibis on your head and shouting about it cops. they effin hate the fuzz. driving a jalopy, especially if it is yellow Mari, the woman who has cleaned for us for more than a year a horse or a speedboat making (threatening) advances [...]

1Oct2008 | | 4 comments | Continued
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What’s Ike Go To Do With It?

A friggin lot, I hope. Waves are crashing furiously and the tide is super high. I’m considering growing gills. The storm appears to be just Northeast of here, hovering over the Gulf. I hope it moves along quickly and we can end another hurricane season unscathed. Since I don’t like Ike, let’s celebrate his passing [...]

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Come As You Are or That’ll Fix Her Wagon

Tripod’s trip to Planned Pethood was a great success. She’s puppy free and clean as a whistle. Dr. Nelson and everyone there are gentle, kind, thoughtful and thorough. Pod’s in the cone until next Tuesday and in high spirits as you can see.

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Bored on the first of July

Back to work, blech. Would be much improved were we not sick with some meddlesome super virus that has layed us both out for over and under a week respectively. Also it is a hot mess here with typical July temps and an ocean that looks like the Bleeding Ganges of Doom. Very sad to [...]

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B is for Bigote

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