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Mexico Wildlife

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This is Pretty Much What Happened to Me Yesterday

Except for the part about the llama. 40 bucks.

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What You Get For…$50.00 Pesos

1 banana 1 cantaloupe 1 mamey 1 pineapple 2 mangoes 7 ciruelas (tiny plums) 8 limes 1 coco, bien fria, with straw Everything but the sipping coconut came from the Progreso mercado. The Ciruelas pictured are sweet and amazing but others I sampled, with yellow skin, were more sour and hard. Mamey is an acquired [...]

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Easter Sunday at the Bullfight

Recipe for an ideal Easter Sunday: 1 part sitting on the deck eating shrimp 1 part tequila 3/4 part Controy 1/2 part duck 2 parts off-season bullfight in makeshift ring in Chelem Serve piping hot and enjoy. Serving Suggestions:

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Chicken of the Day

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Why You Frontin’?

According to the Diaro de Yucatan we are experiencing our 36th Norte today. And while I do not want to complain that we are all “Brr” and “Pass the socks, Paw” it is, apparently a little unusual for there to be so many cold fronts in a season. It’s like extreme spring. Two days ago [...]

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This is Jack. You’d like him.

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Faces of Olivia: Portraits of a Street Dog

In our opinion, our dog is one of the finest specimens of a Mexican street dog you could ever find. She is loyal, smart, utterly breedless, and incredibly thankful to have a home. We dress her in bandannas, take her on walks, and laugh at her face. When she is soulful, we call her Olivia; [...]

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Hello Kangoo

Thanks for the loaner, Renault. There is nothing remotely silly about this car. This is just how we roll.

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Home and Away

It’s good to travel widely within your own backyard, and it is also quite satisfying to connect with millions of your countrymen without leaving your living room. We spent Saturday night experiencing the gluttonous glories of Carnaval in Merida and Sunday afternoon watching the Superbowl at home in Chelem. We’re back at work but the [...]

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Street Scenes

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It isn’t always sunny in Yucatan

A morning sky can be bright blue but by afternoon clouds have appeared, while you were in the market, when you weren’t looking up to notice if the sky was gray or what, and suddenly you also see that trees are blowing sideways, exposing their dark side. You say goodbye to the last light patch [...]

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The Protean Waters of Yucatan

“In ghostlier demarcations, keener sounds.” Wallace Stevens It is not an ocean for the faint of heart. It is changeable. It is not always pretty. It can be ferocious, mysterious and aggressively interesting. The Gulf of Mexico as seen from the beach towns of Yucatan – Chuburna, Chelem, Progreso, Chixchulub, Uyamitun, Telchac Puerto, San Crisanto, [...]

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