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Stuff We Ate

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On The Town: Wicky’s in Playa del Carmen

We are so lucky to be just four hours from the crazy amazing waters of the Caribbean. We don’t make the drive very often but when we do it is with gusto and great dedication to pleasure. Laying supine in a beach chair, staring at the sky and taking intermittent dips in the ocean is [...]

9Mar2010 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Tacos y Amigos

Yesterday we jumped out of bed, had coffee, and were on the road before 10 am. We like to slip out before the arrival of Mari and Marcelo, so that when we come home it seems the house and yard have been magically washed and tidied, as if by Fabuloso-bearing elves. Our Saturday mornings have [...]

4Feb2010 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Now We’re Cooking Without Gas

Gas on demand is a luxury of the first world. Here in Chelem when the cylinder is empty we employ our wicked expat ingenuity. It’s rough out here, people; we live by our wits. Forced to subsist on brie, bread and chili since Sunday, I am taking back lunch. Today I blend vegetables and recover [...]

10Mar2009 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Bad Expat: Tortillas de Maiz, No Me Gusta.

Clinton, Connecticut is not the Mexican food capitol of the United States. I know, right?! Until I was 19 I was sure that all the best taco shells came in an Old El Paso box from Stop n Shop and were stuffed full of ground beef, shredded mozarella, Pace picante sauce and black olives. Hmm-mmm, [...]

28Feb2009 | | 10 comments | Continued
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Authentic Ah-Beets in Mehico

As you all undoubtedly know by now we spent some pretty formative years in New Haven, Connecticut, home of Yale University, gun crimes, and phenomenal pizza. Our standards are ridiculously high. For us the matter of pizza has been a vexing question since our arrival on these tortilla shores. I am pleased to report that [...]

18Feb2009 | | 6 comments | Continued
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After 9 months and 12 days in utero I decided to bail on the whole womb situation and make my glorious entrance into the world. After 17 years in Clinton, I finally escaped the horrible oppression of the Connecticut shoreline. After two years at college in Boston I slouched back home. After 4 years in [...]

18Feb2009 | | 5 comments | Continued
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!Lunes Sabroso! Presents: Cone-Inn Pizza

I’ll be honest with you, just this once. Sometimes, when I am walking through my particular Mexican supermarket of choice, thinking about which product to choose for !Lunes Sabroso!, I often select an item which I know is going to be simply disgusting. After all, it’s much easier to write about a product that’s awful, [...]

26Jan2009 | | 10 comments | Continued
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Sea Change: Our Big Night Out at Elio Al Mare

It is possible for one meal to change everything. Yesterday I didn’t believe that a mythical Italian restaurant could possibly exist in Progreso. I didn’t believe in much of anything. Today I am a serious devotee of Elio Al Mare and plan to tell everyone I know to seek it out and experience the best [...]

22Jan2009 | | 6 comments | Continued
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!Lunes Sabroso! Presents: Baby Foot

As we have mentioned in previous editions of !Lunes Sabroso!, a walk through the candy isle of a Mexican supermarket is both jaw-dropping and diabetes-inducing. The smell of raw sugar permeates the air, and it can become difficult to focus on one product, as all of the competing packaging cries out for your attention from [...]

15Dec2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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New McDonald’s Cheeseburger Strategy

Okay…so we all know there are few things that exist in this world that are more perfect than the McDonald’s cheeseburger. They satisfy the most deeply seated memories of childhood, while providing the surge of fat, salt, and ketchup that feed you for the entire day…often times, at 79 cents. We are very fortunate to [...]

30Nov2008 | | 8 comments | Continued
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What Happened in Cancun

Just back from our second adventure in Mexico’s capital of ugly shorts and shake marijuana and we are exhausted. Saturday morning we packed up a rental car with my father in law and some egg salad sandwiches and set off across Highway 180. A blown back tire and 319 pesos in tolls later we arrived [...]

6Oct2008 | | 9 comments | Continued
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The Notion of “Expat Bars,” and Amigo’s Bar and Grill in Progreso

Before we dive headlong into our review of the newly-opened Amigo’s Bar and Grill in Progreso, there are a few things that need to be mentioned about so-called “expatriate bars,” in general and particularly as they exist in present-day Progreso. Many fellow Americans and Canadians living here in Yucatan have mentioned to me that they [...]

21Sep2008 | | 10 comments | Continued