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Stuff We Ate

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Buenos Carnes at La Recova in Merida

First of all, you must know that when I die I wish to be interred in a vat of chimichurri sauce. As my devotion to meat intensifies so naturally does my interest in Argentinian steak and accompaniments. We have been to El Argentino many times and have enjoyed the earthy food and wine but were [...]

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100% Natural Blows

But you already knew that.

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Best Beach Eats Summer 08

The San Benito Restaurante Familiar between Uyamitun and Telchac Puerto is outstanding. The food is fresh and innovative, the staff is (almost overly) attentive and the margaritas are the real deal. Papaya slices and guacamole/chips as a botana! Chimichurri sauce served with the steak! Warm bread basket and Silver Gloria butter! Very cool spot. Open [...]

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Pan-Asian Flavor Arrives in Merida (Finally!)

Until we moved to Yucatan, I don’t think we fully realized exactly how much Chinese and Thai food we ate on a weekly basis. I’m not talking authentic Chinese cuisine, with its soupy combinations of animal feet in a stinky broth, or chicken heads lovingly skewered and roasted over an open flame in the back [...]

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Consider Your Bouche Amused

After dropping off the Jeep for another round with Jose Ricardo we were hurrying out of town as usual and realized we had no reason to get back to the beach. Malcolm suggested we stop at the new “Asiatic” restarant in the Blockbuster/Makeup Store plaza that I’d noticed at least a month ago. It was [...]

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At Tamba Juice in Progreso, the Customer is King

The dearth of good things to eat and drink in Progreso has prompted many a ranting post on this site. The weather’s getting sweltering, and that too contributes to our huddling in the office, grumbling and sticky. Reader and fellow Brooklyn refugee Missy suggested that we to try the newest spot in Progreso, Tamba Juice, [...]

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What’s For Dinner, Dropped-in?

Malcolm has demanded meatballs and buttered noodles, like the child king of Paramus.

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Flash Review: La Tratto Revisted Without Seizure

Small martinis half price; gray pasta, pensioners; carpaccio plate clean; cheap al fresco.

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Hungry Hungry Gringos

Cocina economicas are like wedding announcements in the Sunday Times; I am at once enthralled and defeated by their existence. Because today, our brains are still damp from last night’s tequila, we thought it would be kind of funny to pick up lunch from Oxxo, the local chain of convenience stores. Convenience stores being the [...]

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La Tratto, Dehydration, Star Medica, & You: A Cautionary Tale

This article was supposed to be a review of La Tratto restaurant, the hip Italian eatery that makes up part of the trifecta in the Trotter family empire of restaurants, so let’s start there and pretend that the evening progressed normally. La Tratto is located at #479C on the Prolognacion de Montejo, between the glorieta [...]

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A Fluff Piece

Let me just say what we all have been thinking. There is an appalling dearth of marshmallow Fluff in Yucatan, and we’re not going to take it anymore. Fortunately, I believe that we are in a good position to see real change occur, and that’s exciting. I’ll go ahead and outline a few key points: [...]

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Sunday Supper at the Sirloin Stockade

There’s something about a buffet restaurant that’s just so perverse it’s elegant. It’s orderless and yet so calculated. It’s food meant to appeal to the masses and yet it so overwhelmingly inedible. Every individual imagines himself a craftsman. Everyone gets exactly what he thinks he wants. And yet none is satisfied. I adore a buffet [...]

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