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Bad Expat: Tortillas de Maiz, No Me Gusta.

Clinton, Connecticut is not the Mexican food capitol of the United States. I know, right?! Until I was 19 I was sure that all the best taco shells came in an Old El Paso box from Stop n Shop and were stuffed full of ground beef, shredded mozarella, Pace picante sauce and black olives. Hmm-mmm, [...]

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Authentic Ah-Beets in Mehico

As you all undoubtedly know by now we spent some pretty formative years in New Haven, Connecticut, home of Yale University, gun crimes, and phenomenal pizza. Our standards are ridiculously high. For us the matter of pizza has been a vexing question since our arrival on these tortilla shores. I am pleased to report that [...]

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After 9 months and 12 days in utero I decided to bail on the whole womb situation and make my glorious entrance into the world. After 17 years in Clinton, I finally escaped the horrible oppression of the Connecticut shoreline. After two years at college in Boston I slouched back home. After 4 years in [...]

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Stop the banging, it’s Valentines Day!

Instead of going to Trotter’s or La Recova for dinner on Saturday night we decided our Valentine’s budget would be better spent spending the night at a hotel in Merida. For the price of a good meal with wine and all the trimmings we got a great night’s sleep far from the dust and dogs [...]

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Should Jillian be the world’s policeman? In a word, Yes.

This house maintains that America should be the world’s policeman. This was the motion that we argued when the British came to debate. Funny what happens to the youth of a once-mighty empire. They become effete, ineffectual, intellectual and smug. I adored them! They won the debate, but then, I went to college with 90% [...]

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Bad Expat: Be Here Now, You Unappreciative Jerkoff

There is an unspoken maxim in the world of expatriates that if you don’t feel Mexico in your bones, blood, mind, spirit, fingernails and toes every single precious second you are some kind of a xenophobic asshole. I will confess that sometimes this place leaves me cold. Oh well. I’ll wear my scarlet X. So [...]

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All Your Warm Wishes Are Greatly Appreciated

It was a wonderful birthday. Details to follow.

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It’s Enough To Drive You Crazy If You Let It

Speaking of milestones, I have been doing my current job for almost two years, which, pathetically is more or less a record of duration for me. When I was a recently transferred college student living at home I had a job at a fish shack in decline for about that long but just as we [...]

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Anniversary Anticipation

We let the anniversary of our arrival to Mexico go uncelebrated, which is really unlike us, so I thought we should direct public attention to the fact that October 15 is the arbitrary date we started this blog in 2005. Back then we were just a couple of kids tucked into a cute but stuffy [...]

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Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da,

So the dow plunged 778 points and the inflated price of gas and corn is crippling production and transportation. Some of us have lives to lead. We’re generation X.5. We’re thirty flirty and thriving. We are newlyweds and ready to start a family. We ‘re trying to figure out how to be homeowners, grownups, citizens. [...]

30Sep2008 | | 3 comments | Continued
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This One’s For Jack

I swore to myself that I would not write another political post but the fact is, I can’t sleep, and that is unusual. I got out of my very cozy bed to respond to the bullshit I see happening and while I am unqualified that only makes my righteousness that much sweeter. I am a [...]

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Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

The rumors about accomplishing tasks in Mexico are essentially the reality. Your first appearance at Telmex for any given problem is a preamble. You will have to make a follow-up trip to the bank. One visit to any office or place of business is basically a dry run, a dress rehearsal, a learning experience and [...]

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