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Things to do in Yucatan Before I Leave aka My Yucket List

Dance all night at The Mambo Cafe We had our wedding reception at this live music venue/dance club at the Plaza Las Americas mall and it was amazing, shiny, loud, and vibrating. But I was a little distracted/overwhelmed/intoxicated and would love to go back to shake my money maker without worrying about our forty friends [...]

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A Nation of Two

As much as we have lived in Mexico these last four years, mostly we have lived alone in a world of our own construct. Throughout our relationship we’ve always been close. I distinctly remember the year we met, during our ritual of watching The Practice and eating takeout in Malcolm’s tiny first floor dorm room [...]

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… And We’re Back (But Not For Long)

As it turns out, as we have proven, you can abandon your pressboard life, board a plane to a place you’ve never been and carve out an existence – and a pretty sweet one at that – in an uncanny valley far, but not too far, from home. We didn’t drop off the edge of [...]

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In Defense of The Tourist

Perhaps I am feeling too charitable, too unironic, too patriotic today but I am going to come out and opine that American citizens, if they are able to take a hard-earned vacation, should absolutely wear ugly shorts, get horribly sunburnt, and enjoy fruity cocktails by the pool. Maybe I am playing the devil’s advocate or [...]

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Playa in Pictures

11Nov2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Becoming 30 on the Mayan Riviera

It was actually twenty minutes past my birthday when the big surprise walked through the door. We arrived on a late bus to Cancun and then took a cab the 40 minutes to Playa. I was wrecked and cranky, having suffered many birthday injustices, including a terrible dye job that had rendered me a tabby [...]

10Nov2008 | | 3 comments | Continued
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What Happened in Cancun

Just back from our second adventure in Mexico’s capital of ugly shorts and shake marijuana and we are exhausted. Saturday morning we packed up a rental car with my father in law and some egg salad sandwiches and set off across Highway 180. A blown back tire and 319 pesos in tolls later we arrived [...]

6Oct2008 | | 9 comments | Continued
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The Road Not Taken

What would have become of the Joads if they didn’t flee the dust bowl and travel West to California? What if Jay and Daisy weren’t driving back to West Egg on that fateful night? And how else would pseudo literary high school boys impress alternative girls if Sal and Dean hadn’t been so debauched and [...]

12Jun2008 | | 3 comments | Continued
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Photonotes from a 30th Birthday in Cancun

Jillian planned a fantastic mini-vacation from our lives (which, incidentally, look an awful lot like a vacation, anyway) to celebrate my 30th birthday in Cancun. Though we only spent a few days, we had an absolute ball, and I entered my third decade in style. A few quick photo notes: Pre-check in at the Westin, [...]

29May2008 | | 8 comments | Continued
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I wouldn’t say I’m through with you but I’ll tell you when I’m gone

No, silly, it’s not the clap; it’s a different kind of wanderlust. I have an itch. An urge. A desire to roam if I want to. Maybe because it’s getting so hot you want to lay naked under white sheets all day and alternately sip cucumber juice in the salty, salty ocean or maybe it’s [...]

12May2008 | | 3 comments | Continued
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…On a Noontime Plane to Portland

Depart Merida: 12:05 Depart Mexico City: 4: 30 Depart Houston: 9:20 Arrive Portland: 11:59 I hope I’m not misinformed about the time.

26Mar2008 | | 2 comments | Continued
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42 Hours in Playa del Carmen

We have been awfully busy lately, dealing with cars and launching new websites and haven’t had a chance to get away. So when my dear old high school friend Tadd texted from the Atlanta airport that he would be in Playa for the weekend I knew I couldn’t miss the trip. Because Jeep’s out sick [...]

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